“I Am An Entrepreneur” Photo Competition

Cambridge, MA – December 1, 2009 – The SEVEN Fund is pleased to announce the ‘I Am an Entrepreneur’ photography competition. This competition recognizes the outstanding use of photography to tell compelling stories of role model entrepreneurs from around the world. Anyone is welcome to participate in this competition. The competition will award twelve (12) prizes, one per month, over a period of one year. Each month, one finalist will be selected and will receive a prize of $100. The grand prize winner (selected from among the 12 finalist photographs) will receive $1,000 at the end of the year.
Often, the imagery associated with developing nations captures the misery that accompanies poverty. While it is important that these things are taken seriously and are documented, we believe that developing nations also represent tremendous opportunities for hope. The “I am an Entrepreneur” competition strives to reframe the dialogue around solutions to poverty by infusing the world's imagination with new imagery that focuses on entrepreneurship. Our objective with this competition is to gather stunning photographs profiling individual entrepreneurs from around the globe.
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At SEVEN, we believe an opportunity exists to change the terms of discourse surrounding poverty; and to break through existing stereotypes about emerging economies to change the assumptions and behaviors of entrepreneurs, investors, policymakers, aid professionals, academics, and business leaders by exposing them to successful models of enterprise-based development. We believe that entrepreneurs who are starting and running for-profit businesses in ethical ways -serving customers, treating and paying workers well, generating returns for investors, and making investments in the public good - should be celebrated. These entrepreneurs are role models, in their own communities and on a global scale.
Photographers are invited to submit iconic images that embody the spirit of entrepreneurship and private sector innovation. These photos should feature individuals making a positive statement “I am an Entrepreneur” in their local or indigenous language and English.
Example: Young boy from East Africa, Swahili and English



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