Photography Exhibition: Kusi na Kaskazi/South and North

12th November 12:00am - December 6 at 11:30pm

KUSI NA KASKAZI - exhibition dates:

PANGANI: 13.-14.11.

PEMBA: 16.-17.11.

ZANZIBAR: 19.-20.11. accompanied by Poetry Readings,

at House of Wonders

BAGAMOYO: 22.-24.11.accompanied by Concerts

DAR ES SALAAM: 26.-28.11. at Slipway

MAFIA: 30.11.-01.12. accompanied by Concerts

KILWA: 03.-04.12.

Location: Pangani, Pemba, Zanzibar, Bagamoyo, Dar es Salaam, Mafia and Kilwa

The image of the Indian Ocean and the Arabic Sea is inseparably linked to traditional Dhows as places of social interaction – for traders, fishermen and their families and other inhabitants of the coast. How is this image perceived through the lense of Beat Presser, a Swiss photographer?

Goethe-Institut explores a new perspective on the cultural heritage of the Swahili coast. The travelling exhibition Kusi na Kaskazi/South and No...rth focuses on the history of the traditional Dhows of the Indian Ocean, combining black and white photographies by Beat Presser and text material by Zanzibarian scientist and founder of Zanzibar Indian Ocean Research Institute Prof. Abdul Sheriff.
The images will be exhibited on the same Dhow that Beat Presser sailed with last year to create the artwork.
The photographs cover the history of the Dhows, their fabrication and daily use. They tell about the life of the coastal people and the monsoon winds.
Kusi and Kaskazi/South and North will sail a route from North to South of Tanzania, stopping at Pangani, Pemba, Zanzibar, Bagamoyo, Dar es Salaam, Mafia and Kilwa to create a place for cultural exchange. Goethe-Institut aims to connect people from different origins through a shared experience. Along each stop the Dhow will be open for everybody to view the photographs, get into contact with each other, discuss and exchange experiences. Simultaneously identical photographic exhibitions shall be held on land, accompanied by poetry readings, story telling and music concerts.

Goethe-Institut kindly invites everyone who is interested to be part of Kusi and Kaskazi, to have a look at the photos and to experience this special exhibition. For further information please visit our website:

Sponsored by Embassy of Switzerland in Tanzania and Swiss International Airlines


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